Physical Quantities

Act now with Unico Benchtop Centrifuges

Routine operations including serum and plasma examination require the utilization of an axis what isolates a heterogeneous combination of strong and fluid by turning it at high velocity. Unico benchtop centrifuges, known for their solid exhibition, are generally utilized by clinical research facilities everywhere on the world. The gear is smaller and ideal for offices with restricted space.

benchtop centrifuges

Various Models with User-Friendly Functionalities

The Power Spin models are the well known Unico Benchtop centrifuges. This incorporates VX, MX, LX, BX, HX and Micro-Hematocrit arrangement. They for the most part uphold 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml pediatric tubes. There are models accessible with fixed, straight and variable rates.

The UNICO Micro-Hematocrit C-MH30 is built of shaped metal. It has a corrosive and reagent safe paint application. The wellbeing switch that is incorporated into the handle get together stop the capacity to the engine when the lock is lifted. The Hematocrit plate is light-weight and durabile. The brushed engine, mounted on elastic mounts, guarantees calm activity and least vibration.

The essential determinations of this model are:

  • Twenty-four (24) place rotor with replaceable elastic ring and screw down metal cover
  • Nominal speed is 12,000 RPM
  • Dependable mechanical 15-minute clock with chime signal at end of run
  • Air-cooled, brush type AC engine
  • All metal lodging for quite a long time of trustworthy use
  • Safety switch in lock close off engine when cover is lifted
  • Electric engine slowing down
  • Indicator light tells when unit is being used

The variable speed models of benchtop centrifuges can work on three exchangeable rotors which incorporate 24 spot Microhematocrit, 24 spot Micro-Tube and 6-place Blood Tube rotor. They have a place with the BX group of Unico rotators. The HX arrangement likewise have a scope of cutting edge highlights and functionalities. They accompany a level rotor for turning Serum Separator Tubes (SSTs) and an even seal which decreases the dangers of spillage and plausibility of example disintegration.

Save Space

The reduced and simple to-utilize Unico Benchtop centrifuges are ideal for little labs and guarantee high precision in both determination and examination applications. Online stores of research center hardware vendors are the best spot to source Unico Benchtop centrifuges.